Baha'i Allegations Against Subh-i Azal - Proposed meeting between Subh-i-Azal and Baha

15.   Proposed meeting between Subh-i-Azal and Baha

15.3  Summary
Both these accounts are conflicting and contradictory. They are in full as the Bahai hierarchy attaches great independence to this “episode” in support of Baha’s pretensions. An “Ordeal by cursing” in a Sunni Mosque in the full glare of publicity could not be risked by either party, to whose antecedents and internal dissensions the authorities were fully aware. Neither party was likely to give an undertaking to the effect that failure to put in an appearance meant that he was an “impostor”, or that he had forfeited his claim.

What actually happened, according to Subh-i-Azal’s account, was that he was approached by a ‘Moslem’, who enquired from him whether he would “come out and produce” to opposing party, his “proofs”, evidencing his successorship and vicegerency to the Primal Point. He consented thereto, and wrote a “note” to that effect, “fixing the time and place of meeting”, and “delivered it to him”. Nothing was heard of the matter until Baha put about the above-mentioned false report.

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