Such fine craft is the Print (industry) for the exaltation of God's Words and multiplication of His Works.

  Encompass your knowledge over all things. PB (XI:XV)

  Heaven for anything is the utmost degree of its perfection within its limits. (II:XVI)

  In Bayan, there is no worship that is favored by God more than the good deed one soul to another.
  PB (V:XIX)

  The Day of Resurrection is the day of on which the Tree if Reality appears. PB (II:VII)

  Bayan is the Balance before God until the day that He Whom God Will Make Manifest appears.
  PB (Exordium)

  God has not privileged you with wealth but for you to invest in the welfare of those who are in need.
  PB (V:XV)

  Fill the earth with your crafts at their utmost perfection such that all can benefit. PB (XI:XI)

  None can fully fathom what has been revealed in Bayan except He Whom God Will Make Manifest.
  PB (II,I)

  All that is in Quran is one hundred and fourteen Surats, each of its six Surats are dedicated to exalt the
  station of (each of the 19) letters of the verse ‘In The Name of God, The Most Compassionate,
  The Most Merciful’. PB (II:II)

  The period of Resurrection is from the time of time of the appearance of the Tree of Reality to the time of
  His ascension. PB (II:II)

  The period of Resurrection as promised in Quran begun at 2 hours and eleven minutes past the night of the
  Fifth of Jamadi-I of the year 1270 (of Lunar calendar) until ascension of the Tree of Reality.
  PB (II:II)

  There will be no resurrection for anything until it has reached its stage of perfection. PB (II:II)
In Bayan, the renewal of divine revelations for mankind is likened to the change in seasons. In winter, former divine teachings become outdated; In spring, comes renewal of life (resurrection) and a new divine dispensationin for a new period; In summer, the faith reaches its height of glory; During the autumn, the faith gradually start to become less relevant before it ends in its winter period.

Two Hours And Eleven Minutes past the midnight of the 23rd of May 1844 A.D was the dawn of a new divine manifestation. It marked the completion of the full cycle of the Islamic faith which had Superseded all previous manifestations and had lasted 1260 years. The religion of Bayan is now at its infancy and will take 1511 to 2001 Bayanic years to complete its cycle and reach its perfection.
The Bayanic digital library will gradually evolve to be the most comprehensive repository of scanned manuscripts, transcribed books, photographs and documents related directly and indirectly to the Bayani faith. While some of the resources are available in English and French, the remaining bulk is in Arabic and Persian languages.